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FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

How quickly can I get an appointment?

It depends on the urgency, in acute cases if possible immediately. Usually 2-3 weeks.

What is the use of a bonus book?

The health insurance company awards regular check-ups to the dentist with higher proportions for dentures, e.g. Crowns, bridges and prostheses. If you have appeared for check-ups without gaps over a period of 5 years, the bonus increases by 20%, by 10 years by 30%.

Is root treatment painful?

the tooth is anesthetized so that they feel nothing further during the entire procedure. usually not painful.

CAD / CAM PROCESS (computer aided design and computer aided manufacturing)

The dentures are planned and designed on the computer using special CADCAM software. This allows you to manufacture dentures (crowns, bridges, etc.) that guarantee a high degree of stability and biocompatibility.

I have bleeding gums

In most cases it is not dangerous and can be intercepted. Bleeding gums are caused by deposits. It is an immune response of the body. If left untreated, it can lead to an infectious and inflammatory disease of the gums called periodontitis.

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